Reboot: The Small Things


Hi!  It’s been a while.

Life is ever unexpected, thus this blog has been sorely neglected.  However, I’m hoping to change that, because I need a creative outlet in my life.

That being said, I don’t have any set topics (yet), but I want to write about real things that are important and fun things that brighten life…no matter how seemingly small.  Like, my husband and I are starting to compost—except our landlady doesn’t want us to, so we’re going to take our compost to my uncle’s compost pile.  Or, my latest goal: to master the art of bread making (my most recent loaf was the best yet)!  Or, my goal to continue reading through new books—classics, non-fiction, journalistic memoirs, new releases, I don’t care…I want to grow my mind.

BUT, all of this is with the common goal of making the world a better place one choice and one person at a time.  Also, I’ll probably use this medium to work through some troubling issues that we are facing in our world.

No expectation.  No judgements.  Here I go!


Welcome to The Teapot Journalist!

Five years (and three months ago) I lay on a pool chair in Daytona Beach Shores reading my first copy of Vogue.

It contained a life changing article that inspired my pursuit of journalism as a career.  The article was about a journalist who traveled to Morocco to teach impoverished teenagers the skills of journalism, and then enabled them to go into their communities and practice what they learned.

Fast forward to now; I fondly reminisce the year and a half I spent as a rural newspaper journalist in western Virginia, continue to gobble up news from a plethora of sites, participate in social justice activism, am learning to be a better vegetarian, research ethical and sustainable fashion, notice the beauty around me, and care for myself, as a spiritual being…all while enjoying ‘newlywed’ status in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

You might be asking: why this blog?  Why now?

The name came to me over a year ago; the content has continued to steep for the past ten months.  People frequently ask me if there are others who think like me?  I tell them YES!  Are we identical?  Absolutely not.  But, our ideas and philosophies are similar—therefore, let’s share them and live them together.

How many people do you know who are intelligent, caring, and keep talking about wanting to do something to make something, somewhere, better, but they don’t know where to begin?

This blog is for those people.  This blog is for you.  This blog is for me.

I love discussion, so please feel at home to comment, email, etc.

Here is to many more posts, good conversation, and encouraging each other in this big world as we all pursue our unknown.


The Teapot Journalist