Welcome to The Teapot Journalist!

This space was created for sharing ideas, living philosophies—all to make the world a better place, one action at a time.

My passion for writing provoking content to promote change began in college, when I wrote for my university’s newspaper.  Since then, I’ve worked as a newspaper journalist, contributing blogger, and I continue to look for ways to share with others about topics that are important to all of us—because we are human.

Whether talking about the need for beauty in our lives, the importance of advocating for social justice, taking care of ourselves as spiritual beings, caring for the environment, or any nuanced combination–this is a space for engaging and encouraging as we discover the ways we can daily make a difference in our world.

What will this look like?  Probably not anything like you’re expecting.

Who should read?  Anyone who feels simpatico to even one part of what is written above.

My desire is that we engage together, discuss and share, and ultimately, that we grow and create change around us.

I hope you find something to which you feel connected!