Fear Tactics: Say “NO!”

My newsfeed is filled with fake news, skewed statistics, and people looking in the past when there was (perhaps) a lack of protest as an argument against people protesting current issues.  It angers, frustrates, and saddens me.

I am a true believer that with exposure comes a greater capacity to empathize with people in their current situations.  While commiserating with a family member, I expressed, “I wish more people would practice putting themselves in the shoes of others, rather than assuming everyone else wears their shoes.”  It’s true: how often do we judge the plights of others through the lens of our own lives?  It’s not fair because we haven’t walked their journey.

Now, I sit watching executive orders be handed down that are negatively impacting so many.  I’m watching friends and acquaintances look for immigration lawyers because, despite legally being in the United States, they are suddenly concerned for what the future hold.  I’m watching people I love dearly respond with fear to fear-mongering.  I’m listening to officials toss around words like “security” and “safety” without talking about the specifics…more fear tactics.

The biggest issue that few are mentioning (thank you, Jill Stein, for speaking out and sharing this article) is that policies and actions from previous presidents have opened up the flood gates for President Trump to now get his pen hand ready.  We, collectively, forget that our country invaded and attacked (brutally) places where we had no right–killing without care.  Now, people in those countries have to flee…but where do they go?  Maybe if we’d flown fewer drones, not dropped bombs, and not terrorized people half a world a way we wouldn’t be facing the onslaught of HUMANS looking for a place to lay their heads without fear of a bomb falling.

Maybe when you terrorize people for years, they get scared, angry, and want to fight back.  Sound familiar?  It should.  Someone has to stop the cycle–let it be us.

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