Conspiracy Theories and a Movie Review


December 2014.  The first time I was really introduced to 9/11 “conspiracy theories.”  Did I squabble and rebel against the idea?  You better believe it!  I was more progressive than ever before in my life–but that was too much.  The US government knew the attacks were coming?  Possibly were involved?  No way!

Fast forward to now, and I am much more open to this possibility.  So much so that last night I watched the 2004 documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore.  It is well worth two hours of your time.

If you’ve ever wanted to know the details of what built the “Bush Empire”, the connections that spun a web behind the Bush family, the Bin Laden family, and Saudi Arabia, the timeline in which actions took place, the justification of invading of countries that had no connection to 9/11, the slaughtering of civilians in those countries, the recruitment and, consequently, killing of U.S. troops, and the pain and sorrow of humans in many countries…go watch it now.

One of the greatest qualities of the film was the way it gave the history of how we arrived at 9/11 and then showing the humanity of what it is to lose someone (or multiple people) to war.  It showed humanity in the worst of lights, killing other humans.  But, it showed they had to psych themselves up to do it–and that they felt part of themselves dying with each person they killed.

As we enter a new presidential era, where we awaken each morning wondering what new executive order will be passed down from on high, let’s remember that we are all humans and we need each other.

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