Dead Man Dying

When I started this blog, I said we would grow and process together, learn how to be proactive, share ideas, and live philosophies.  Another element of the inequality faced in the United States is that of people with black and brown skin.  They are more likely to be suspected, more likely to receive sentencing (and harsher sentencing), and more likely to be shot before even having the chance to explain or go through the “justice system.”

Most recently on the news?  Terence Crutcher.

Terence Crutcher was a dead man before he was shot.

Watching the helicopter views it’s clear.  Police closing in.  Guns pulled.  He’s probably not coming out alive.

Again we are facing the issue of police brutality–the overreach of power that happens when one side has a gun AND the right to kill.

A man is dead.  It doesn’t matter who he was, his background, how many children he has at home–a man is dead.

The evidence is there to see, if we will just open our eyes.

How many more people have to die before “we the people” will take notice and say “Something has to change!  I will be a part of that change!”

Life isn’t always pretty.  Social justice and activism aren’t always popular  But, what matters is whether or not you can look at yourself in the mirror.

I’ll end there.  Please watch the video (ignore the clearly profiling commentary in the background), and let me know your thoughts!

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